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Among the excellent features of all Flatsonic products are the best possible

omnidirectional sound distribution,

the linear frequency response, and the non-intrusive sound characteristics.

In a way which is similar to the sound reproduction of a musical instrument,

the Flatsonic sound module work on the principle of a bending wave technology .

In this situation, a membrane is set into oscillation motion and creates

structure-borne sound, which then passes to our ears in the form of sound waves,

and is appreciated as the original sound.

By contrast with the directed sound radiation of traditional loudspeakers,

and the stereo triangle associated with it, Flatsonic sound modules radiate

uniformly over an angle of more than 180°.

This has the effect of a perceptible increase in the hearing zone.

Hear the difference – feel the difference.

Flatsonic | Hear different

Flatsonic sound modules are NO “Loud“ speakers. If you delight in individual design

and natural sound, then Flatsonic sound modules are the first choice for you.

Perceptibly reduced forms provide an individual character to the Design Line,

created by the Cologne design studio Noto.

Another feature is the consistent implementation of the overall concept,

the blending of design and sound into one harmonious whole.

Encounter sounds in a new definition.

A sound experience of a really special kind, embracing the music as the guiding motiv.

Truly surprising

Thinking outside the box. Our omnidirectional Cinos Take One loudspeaker

is quite a unique looking self-powered loudspeaker.

The Take One is designed as an all-in-one concept that features DSP technology

and Class-D driven amplification in addition to wireless Bluetooth capability.

Sound is also clean, open and detailed despite not being able to locate its drivers/source.

Awarded at the Highend fair as Newcomer 2016.

Less is more...

Comming up next ...

Our new OP Art Design Concept.

Stay tuned...

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